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Mission Statement and about us!

Our Mission is to ensure that you and your dog have a positive learning experience. We feel it is important that while in our care your dog feels safe and enjoys the friends he or she makes both human and canine.

Owner and operator for NW Canine Connection, Janet Miller has been training dogs for over 25 years. She believes that early and consistent training will help to ensure your dog does not develop nuisance behaviors.  At NW Canine Connection Janet addresses the specific goals of the owner and looks at the personality and temperament of the dog in order to formulate a training regime which will maximize their training success. Janet integrates reward based training and corrective training to achieve a balance so that both owner and dog can accomplish the tasks set before them.  She teaches you how to apply a correction at the moment it will be most effective and to send the appropriate message to enhance the dogs learning.


We are happy to receive testomies in writting

or day-by-day when we meet the owners picking up their dog!

Amanda K.
& Prudence

We have been a client for almost four years- my dog & I both love it!

Eric B. & Loxi

NW Canine Connection is a great place! The dogs get lots of love and attention from a smart, caring professional staff. After a death in our family, our Corgi needed a place to stay since we were away for extended periods. Janet and staff were very sympathetic to our quick needs and it turned out to be a fantastic experience for our pup. She actually became a calmer, more socialized presence with both other dogs and other people. I know this was due to the care she had at NW Canine Connection. In fact, we now bring our dog back for short stays just so she has the great interactions -- both canine and human! Thanks again Janet and staff!

KelliAnn H.

Our GSD, Brownie, not only took an obedience class through NWCC, but she also goes to puppy daycare on Fridays and has been boarded many times! She always comes back happy and exhausted!! Thank you, Ladies, for taking such GREAT care of our fur baby!!

Janet Anne B.

My Dog can't wait to get out of the car! Dogs are treated with such respect...

Sara M. & Rocco

I was at an impasse with our young german shepherd mix who was rescued from a landfill and was great and reliable with our family but overly timid with people outside of our family no matter how much exposure to them he got.  Obedience classes, dog parks, socialized all good but would definitely regress if family members were not right around him. Leaving town was becoming problematic. One phone call to NW Canine Connection and Janet came to the rescue. Janet was attentive and receptive to my ongoing dilemma and came up with a plan and approach to attempt to work through it.  She instilled confidence from the very beginning. We planned a "meet and greet" the next day with half day visits for a week that morphed into several whole day visits the following week that would culminate in overnight stays at her facility. She took it slow with him and acclimated him gradually overtime into her fold. Janet was truly gracious about all the work she put into acclimating him to her place. Her knowledge of dog behavior and her training abilities were evident at every turn. It is that solid foundation of hers that sets her up to succeed where countless others would surely have failed.  She doesn't just like dogs. She understands them, their behavior, biology, and motivations. She also has a kind, competent and equally patient staff who help ensure a happy and healthy environment for the dogs in their care. Janet put in the time and has given him the space to come around and he is realizing the world doesn't have to be so scary and fall apart when I am not around.  Dare I say he likes it there! He wags his tail with glee when we turn down the road and then driveway for his drop off.  He is really excited to get there, she welcomes him with open arms, and we can feel completely comfortable and confident that he is in great hands when we leave town.  This is a big deal for us. Our inability to leave town was a huge problem and no doubt about it, Janet and NW Canine Connection were/are the solution. Completely exceeded my expectations of dog boarding and training facility. The awesome ripple effect is that his visits with Janet translate into him being more well-adjusted in the world as a result!!  We all win:)

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